Material Donations

What We Do

re:Purpose collects, distributes and sells clean, reusable, material wastes from businesses, manufactures and retail companies. 

Non-profits and educational institutions receive a percentage of our materials, while other materials are sold to ensure the sustainability of our social enterprise project. 

How We Do It

Working as a strategic partner with manufacturers, distributors, retail merchants, and the design industry, we accept donations which fit our parameters of safe, reusable materials, and donate or resell those materials, creating additional jobs, and a sustainable, affordable material flow to creative entrepreneurs, educators, and non-profit organizations. 

Materials are donated at scheduled drop-offs or mailed to our location.  

What We Will Accept

Materials must be clean, non-toxic, and free of fumes. 

Acceptance of liquids, such as arts and craft materials, such as acrylic paints, glue, and similar non-toxics will be determined prior to donation. 

We are currently accepting the following donations:

  • Fabric scraps must be 12" or larger
  • Arts and craft supplies
  • Display samples and props
  • Conference / Promo swag
  • Overstocks - new products 
  • Manufacturing byproducts - clean, reusable products. Sample preapproval required, quantities may be limited
  • Interior design material samples - no large glass, all materials must be less than 24" in width or diameter
  • Office supplies - usable, no yellowed plastic, oxidized paper, or damaged materials
  • Three Ring binders - 3" or less, no damage or visible staining from print materials
  • Vintage goods, odds and ends, and bits and bobbles. 

If you don't see something on this list that you think we would like, please email us with a photograph with a description including the quantity of material available.

Schedule a Drop Off

Please call 781.996-0550


As questions come in, we will update our FAQ's section.